Toadstool seating in school themed library reading corner

Toadstool seating in school themed library reading corner. Woodland and forest library. Book and reading tree.

Kenosha Public Library, Northside Branch

Take a virtual tour of the Kenosha Public Library where vibrant colors, soft seating and serpentine landscapes create rejuvenating environment for kids.

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More Photos from Cardiff’s new Library!

School Libraries | Sectors | FG Library

We have a real passion here at FG Library for creating learning spaces for children of all ages, we focus on creating a space that promotes reading.

From a 1950s-style diner to a double-decker library bus, some quirky and unusual school environments to help inspire

Inspiring school spaces from around the world – in pictures

Story telling space Stephen Perse Foundation Space at the Stephen Perse Foundation has been created to reflect how students learn and discover knowledge.