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Picture of symbol construction designed by Koto for the project Gumtree. Published on the Visual Journal in date 8 January 2016

Gumtree have recently rebranded themselves using a new identity by design by Koto.

Positive Space ~ Positive space refers to the main focus of a picture, while negative space refers to the background. - The Grizzly Bear is "holding" the forest. In this picture the white is negative space and the brown is positive.

Not sure who this logo is for but I love the simplicity and use of negative space./// The use of negative space for bear design is very simple and creative.

45 Animal Inspired Logo Designs - You The Designer | You The Designer

45 Animal Inspired Logo Designs

This time we have brought an interesting logo designs round-up, in which we have collected 35 most beautiful Animal logos designs for your inspiration.

This design excels in the area of appropriate action and message. The top of the tree appears to be bubbling out of the beaker, yet at the same time seems to be standing still. The word combination is also great! Overall very successful.

30 Impressive Use Of Trees In Logo Design

Chemistree Logo design - A logo designed for a business that prefer the greener approach to a logo design. br /br /It may be utilized for various business in this sector. Shown here is the tree which emerges from the beaker. Changes are welcome.



"Knitty" By Miroslav Vujovic Graforidza. love the yarn cat. not sure about the typo, though

The font and the yarn knitted cat in this logo is simple but interesting. The yarn is shaped to look like a cat. Cats like yarn. This stuff makes sense.

PIPLIVE - Logo Design

PIPLIVE - Logo Design

15 Awesome Badge Designs from Dribbble - UltraLinx

15 Awesome Badge Designs from Dribbble

Here are 35 fire-based logos that you can use to draw inspiration from.

Ideame - Logo Design by Chris Bernay

Ideame - Visual Identity by Chris Bernay

Ideame Logotype and Visual Identity. Chris Bernay is a freelance photographer, graphic designer and founder of studio Workflock.

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Image result for MORE LOGO