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Ralph Goings - he is able make the viewer the vivid colours is able to evoke the fruits tastefulness and sweetness. What I find fascinating is the sharpness of light bouncing off the surface. His use of white is subtle creating clarity.

Amazing Hyperreal Paintings of Decadent Desserts

We have shown a lot of work in the hyperreal genre over the past month, mostly because we think it is a genre that is getting better and better. But these paintings by Jason de Graaf made us do a major double-take. What you are looking at is a painting within the series Clarity. No kidding, Mr. de Graaf.

Hyperrealist Paintings by Jason de Graaf

Aliments HyperRéalistes par Luigi Benedicenti (15)

Aliments HyperRéalistes par Luigi Benedicenti

Luigi Benedicenti is an Italian artist who creates hyperrealistic paintings of delicious pastries, classy drinks, fruits and other delectable desserts.

"Un Dolce Profumo" - Luigi Benedicenti - Bernarducci Meisel Gallery

Luigi Benedicenti is at Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in New York, NY. View Artworks by Luigi Benedicenti