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Two models in Harajuku, one with cutout top and ripped garter jeans, the other in blonde twin tails, plaid blazer and ankle boots.


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Tokyo Fashion

Pictures and video from the Harajuku fashion and Japanese street culture party Heavy Pop in Tokyo.

19-year-old Manameru on the street in Harajuku wearing a Morph8ne top, plaid skirt, and YRU platform sandals with striped socks.

Manameru here features a heart print t-shirt from the Thai brand with a plaid pleated skirt, striped socks, and YRU platform sandals. Accessories include lace suspenders, colorful bracelets, and a Moschino backpack.

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Grimoire Tokyo Skirt w/ Bunkaya Zakkaten Doll Face Bag & Tokyo Bopper Platforms

Grimoire Tokyo Skirt w/ Bunkaya Zakkaten Doll Face Bag & Tokyo Bopper Platforms (Tokyo Fashion News)

When we met Mio on the street in Harajuku, she was wearing a top she borrowed from her mother with a Grimoire skirt, graphic tights, and Tokyo Bopper platforms. Her doll head bag and illustrated backpack are both from BUNKAYA ZAKKATEN in Harajuku.

Tokyo Fashion Week street style.  [Photo by Onnie A. Koski]

They Are Wearing: Tokyo Fashion Week Fall 2015

Harajuku Kawaii at JPop Summit Festival 2013

The myriad of colors of Harajuku Kawaii at JPop Summit Festival, San Francisco Japantown. Visionary Sebastian Masuda and artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu starred.