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If you were raised this way too, repin this!

This is how I was raised and how I raise my kids. It seems that parents get too busy in their own lives and forget to teach their children to have manners and respect for others. Slow down and embrace parenting the way God intented.

aqtruth...so many best friends @ grace Humphrey @Elaine Young gray @Peyton Vincent smith and that's just a few of the girls I have lots of good guy friends love u guys!!!!! :)

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BFF Hope life will give me the opportunity to have a best friend again. I want he/she to be very similar to my one and only BFF.

pic and words of backstabbing | Does True Friendship Exist Shenzhen Stuff- What A True Friend Does.

Shame that some people keep some people close as friends and don't even know they are stabbing them in the back. They are blind to it. But those who try to be friends to them with honesty and truth in

I'm a simple girl. Cuddling on the couch in sweatpants watching a movie is way more romantic than a fancy dinner in a tight dress. Yep give me dinner in, sweats, a movie and a glass of wine!

Beautiful Kitten~ THIS. I miss all of you and I hate not knowing every.little.thing. going on in your life.  BUT, regardless of time, distance, *everything*, I'm here forever. Only certain people , your true soulmates, on this big round affect your life so much that your heart honestly aches when they're not around. That's how I feel. A part of me is missing... love you so much~ xoxoxoxo

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