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I don’t like Japanese, but i love this purple wedding dress to death….… Japanese purple wedding dress, i love you soooo….

Jūnihitoe, antique kimono, the so called twelve-layer robe from the Heian era, Japan.

Junihitoe is a kind of formal kimono developed in Heian era. I fall in love with it since the first time i see it from manga(for example Genji Monogatar. Hime in Junihitoe

Japanese Wedding Dress

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1910 - Kimono (attributed) Iida Co. Takashimaya (Japanese, founded its classic kimono silhouette is Westernized through the inclusion of a center-back pleat construction.

Noiva com Classe: Vestidos de noiva do Japão

Vestidos de noiva do Japão

My son Jared, and my daughter in law Wakana, had a formal wedding portrait while Japan. Their photo hangs in my office at Florida Event and Wedding Planning Services Inc.

"the-fashion-dish: Guo Pei Haute Couture Chinoise" (via @texnessa)

dress cloak cape coat hood character hair headdress Incredible couture kimono in jewel tones.

penteados para casamento noiva Japão

Double wow goes to this illustrious --- Beautiful! Her wedding kimono is GORGEOUS. Great alternative to a traditional Western wedding gown! Awesome series of shapes

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japanese bride in white kimono carrying a white oriental parasol (umbrella)

着物 | Kimono | 世界中の旬でリアルなトレンドを発信するウェディングドレスのセレクトショップ。海外セレブご用達のデザイナーの日本初上陸ブランドやバリュエーション豊富なオリジナルカラードレスも人気。ウェディングドレスのレンタルはオーセンティック銀座で。

着物 | Kimono | 世界中の旬でリアルなトレンドを発信するウェディングドレスのセレクトショップ。海外セレブご用達のデザイナーの日本初上陸ブランドやバリュエーション豊富なオリジナルカラードレスも人気。ウェディングドレスのレンタルはオーセンティック銀座で。


Wedding looks are already being submitted for Emperor Kaito's up coming nuptials to Queen Levana of Luna this September on the night of the Full Moon. And there is hope that Her Majesty might use Eastern Commonwealth Fashion