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knew a bunch of this.... guess thats what you get when you date a mustached man who more than occasionally has a beard.

All you need to know about beards

A PhD in Beards This infographic is all about facial hair. Learn about where facial hair comes from, what people think of you when you have facial hair, and also some random facts in the history of beards.

How to iron a shirt in 4 steps

18 Helpful Diagrams To Solve All Your Clothing Woes

18 Helpful Diagrams To Solve All Your Clothing Woes - How to iron shirt in 4 easy steps

This is the basics for Heraldry. Information is shown to explain it in detail.

Medieval times- build their own coat of arms sheild Heraldry - The Basics. Pretty nifty reference when studying this time period.

A Guide That Matches Beard Styles With Their Typography Soulmates

What Font Is Your Beard? Use This Chart To Find Out -- 'The Typography Beard Guide pairs popular beard styles with their font brothers.

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Excuse me, miss..

robin symbol batman - Google Search

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The Brave Beards And Mighty Moustaches Of Marvel And DC Comics [Art]

Mighty Marvel Facial Hair and Beard Styles, furry illustrations by Shamus Beyale

Gentleman's guide to shoes colors to go with your dress pants and custom dress shirts  http://www.michelozzo.com/

✓Black Shoes or Brown Shoes? A Visual Guide to the Ideal Color Pairing: Chart indicates an opinion on which shoes go better with each color of pants shown.