The hospital is five blocks away...! I have to hurry!

School girl making delivery in the morning- running late! Mom owns the flower farms, while dad owns the shop.- disclaimer (art not mine)

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meexart: We had to illustrate a blind date in sequential class and what better than a first meeting between a princess and her gender fluid knight?

Commishzone63 by on @DeviantArt

My version of Calypso the nymph goddess trapped on Ogygia (I don't know if that's how it's spelled.

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For after the town transformation, I like the appearance, needs to be Maybe the healer of the group, parents could be pressuring her to go into medicine. Kinda like the Steven Universe Connie of the group?

because sad things happens.…

I've found the old drawing of my male fursona: and drew it again. my furry boy is striped heyna now c: