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An entry from ugglor i mossen.

New York // Black and Whited. It truly is the City that never sleeps. Add to that the most magical and where all your dreams can come true. This is precisely why everyone wants a bite of the big apple.

View-Manhattan 1913 South from 34th St. & 6th Ave.

14 Old Photos Of A Rainy, Stormy New York City: Gothamist. Met Life Building is at front left, lower Manhattan buildings at back, MCNY)

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NASHVILLE, Tennessee. I just spent a glorious weekend in this music capital and have to admit I had no idea how wild and wonderful Friday and Saturday nights are downtown during the peak of summer. So much going on, so much music, so much partying, so many beautiful women. It seemed like Hollywood. I want to get back there ASAP. (KevinR@Ky)

5 Last-Minute Summer Road Trip Destinations - it's not too late to head to the cape!

Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn, New York City, New York by Branden Harvey. this picture is gorgeous. the light hits the bridge so beautifully.new york is the best place on earth

Midtown. What an interesting perspective.

Manhattan Midtown NYC grid pattern laid out - streets run east/west, avenues run north/south. This shot is taken from the Hudson River on the west side to the east river.

New York, USA

Moon - Looks like from the NJ side! Nothing like full moon in NYC ----> 2013 Supermoon from New York City, USA - By Strykapose

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The place I truly love. The only place that feels like home. Where my heart was ripped out and put back in again. I love this place like it is a part of me. I guess it is.


Brooklyn Bridge during Winter Snow fall, NewYork, USA.remember that wicked 38 inches of snow and ice when they shut down NJ .