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An Amateur Luthier: The Steamer Box

It feels as though it has been a long time since I& posted anything, because it has. Extenuating circumstances have left me .

Make Your Own Kerfing - YouTube

Making kerfed linings

The Luthiers Workshop: Stephen Kakos - US

"Stephen Kakos has been building classical guitars full time since Kakos concentrates specifically on classical acoustics, although he.

Binding Jig. Page has many jigs for building guitars.

Binding Jig. Page has many jigs for building guitars.

Plate Joining Jig, PJJN in use.

Our “New and Improved” Plate Joining Jig (PJJN) has some slick new features you will enjoy. The unit is self-contained and does not need to be bench mounted.

truss rod channel routing jig

This truss rod channel routing jig has a base and two fences. The bolts allow fine tuning of the centerline and also hold the neck blank in place. Watch the vid

Single action truss rod channel jig - Telecaster Guitar Forum

I'm venturing into building a one piece neck and was wondering if anyone has a jig plan for a single action truss rod channel (like this one that Jack.


As with many hobbyist pickup makers, I used a sewing machine as the basis for my winder. The foot controller for this one was controlled by air pressu