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People judge other just by the way they look or what they have heard of them. But really never take the time to get to know somebody. Bullies say things they see or may think of that person with out being the truth. Bullies also include others to agree with them and when in reality the bully is the one that has low self esteem.

Oh I love that. I'll pin it.did I already pin it? Oh well, I'll pin it again.

Cat log in

My laptop snaps a photo of the person who wakes up my computer.-- could not stop laughing. So funny

Gömülü resim için kalıcı bağlantı

mikaiusui on

A tiny orange and black kitten getting a bath in the sink.

Meet Memebon, the short-haired Japanese baby kitten. She’s a famous celebrity cat who caught the internet by storm a few years back. Today, Memebon is a grown cat that looks.

Little Beauty by Feli(The Cat)

Adorable little calico kitty - that face!~~~That face, that face, that face!

playful bubbles #clickaway

Fluffy cat looking at bubbles floating down, Whimsical Raindrop Cottage

Beautiful Emily

What a beautiful Siamese kitten, or is it a Ragdoll? Totally stunning anyway!Tap the link to check out great cat products we have for your little feline friend!

Here is our sweet and adorable foster kitten, Tulip, as just a tiny little thing in our Week 2 Photo of the Week, well before all of the fame and glory she received in her YouTube hit video Turn Down For What ;)

This is Tulip when she was just a tiny kitten. She was our foster kitten taking a much needed (and might I add adorable) nap here on her cat bed. You may remember Tulip from her famous performance with Daisy in Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What.