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Is it weird that I find this cute? Even though Kairi's expression screams "Somebody save me!"

Kingdom Hearts Saix Demyx and Kairi

10462790_720239748045624_1933384389721847880_n.jpg (500×450)

10462790_720239748045624_1933384389721847880_n.jpg (500×450)

I was like...something is off about this. I couldn't put my finger on it at first, but finally I got it.

Kingdom hearts weird seeing them in each others outfits

Organization XIII xemnas xigbar xaldin vexen lexaeus zexion saix axel

Organization XIII as humans

Sora's my favorite character from Kingdom Hearts and I collect and draw images featuring him and his friends.

KH III new hoods fanart

seraphily: “ everyone has a hood party! with added namine because i love her ”

biggest nobody of them all

A boy who wields a Keyblade. His battles to save the worlds have often pitted him against the darkness in his own heart. Now, he is braving the Mark of Mastery examination to find out if he is still worthy of the Keyblade.

kingdom hearts art | Tumblr

Read XIV - The Return from the story Candlelight (Axel X Reader) by swirlingIdiocy (MauveSoul) with 118 reads.

Kingdom Hearts 3...my cousin has a PS3 so....there is hope for me to play it!!!!!! ^_^

All hail King Sora

He made me feel...like i had a heart. Funny. You by ichi-neese.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Going to get remix and remix soon~ Icons and characters belong to Square Enix.

KH3 Sora

Sora in Kingdom Hearts Sweetie, why are you wearing a v-neck .

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Got It Memorized?