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Top 10 des villes fantômes qu’on a envie de traverser le temps de quelques photos

長崎の軍艦島 取り残された廃墟の光景【画像集】

Battleship Island, Creepy Abandoned Society In Japan, Offers Public Tours


Abandoned Buildings, Abandoned Places, Illusion, Warehouse, Entrance, Decay, Environment, Scenery, Ruins

The Abandoned Island Gunkanjima 2010 - 軍艦島 2010 - | Tomboy Urbex

The Abandoned Island Gunkanjima 2010 - 軍艦島 2010 -



Hashima | Hashima ~ Newtonianos

Gunkanjima (軍艦島, Battleship Island) officially known as Hashima Island (端島) is an abandoned island in Nagasaki “The island was populated from 1887 to 1974 as a coal mining facility. The island’s most.

Hashima Gunkanjima

Japan's Battleship Island: abandoned and untouched - Business Insider

いくつ見に行った?2015年話題になった「日本の絶景」BEST25 | RETRIP

いくつ見に行った?2015年話題になった「日本の絶景」BEST25 | RETRIP

軍艦島 2007 - The Abandoned Island Gunkanjima 2007- | Tomboy Urbex

Although built in 1851 as a glass factory, it had to be used as a shipyard during World War II until A abandoned shipyard is located in Nagasaki,Japan.