Loving this vintage pharmacy cabinetry going on here.

Look at the bottles. Oh the bottles. I'm a sucker for bottles like this. Goodness and that chandelier is absolutely a sight to behold. I'd love to visit this place! Its a General Store Apothecary!

junkculture: “The World’s Strangest Museum: A Look Inside Viktor Wynd’s Mind-Bending Cabinet of Curiosities ”

Would love my bar to look like this!

Another cool feature in Starz's Outlander Community has opened. It is all about Claire's apothecary cabinet at Castle Leoch. By clicking on the photo of Claire,

Pharmacy - I'll be out in a minute by Mike Savad

Pharmacy - I'll be out in a minute by Mike Savad

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antique heaven has this medical kit in it.

Pukwudgie Aesthetics ~Picture~

Prince Killian was surprised when he came into the Captain's cabin where an entire wall was filled entirely and exclusively with wine bottles - clinking gently with every gushing wave and dully sloshing around in the glass.

speak without my voice: Aetheric Alchemy Cabinet....

After numerous attempts of finding the right collection of ingredients, Professor Augustus Bafflemire finally accomplished his task.