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This schnoodle puppy is adorable. The image of a small wide-eyed dog in what appears to be a bucket attracts the eye in a less is more way.

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andd the exact reason why I painted a Scottie.many Westie owners also have a Scottie.Baby Scottie & Westie in Black & White Scotch Whisky crate.

Scottish Terriers...second favorite dog breed. Must have one at some point.

Scottish Terrier is a small sized terrier type dog breed. They are one of the most ideal dogs for small apartments and are carrying the position in our 5 Ideal dog breed list.

They may resemble little soot balls, but that's okay with us!

Scottish Terrier Pup and his favourite tartan blanket-I had a Scottie many years ago but he still lives in my heart-

Scottish Terrier Sadie

Sadie the Scottie on the beach. Now that is an interesting white patch on her chest.

Scottie Mom: Scottish Terriers of Instagram: Week 4

Scottish Terriers of Instagram

I want a scottie puppy

the best Scottish Terrier breeder!

Maybe I should bring her my favorite throw stick.Is that white paint?

Scotties - love, love, love them. Wheaten, black or brindle - all beautiful!  They have such big personalities for such small dogs.

Scotties - Wheaten, black or brindle - all beautiful! They have big personalities for such small dogs.