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Infobar A03 smartphone for KDDI's au range by Naoto Fukasawa

Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa has created a new version of his simple smartphone for telecommunications company KDDI

Harman/Kardon Onyx - Wireless speaker // Design by Harman Design Center, Damian…

Sonos Play:1 review - Wireless speaker

Sonos Play:1

Sonos This superb small streaming speaker proves you don't need to spend hundreds to get a good wireless speaker.

Texture Archives - leManoosh

Details we like / Ruber / Black / Strukture / Lines / Organic / at myeyesopen

The Moto X

This is the Moto X. Can it save Motorola?

moto x 14 hero Moto X Announced: Is this the phone to bring Motorola back into the game?

像賽車排氣管般的金屬鮮豔色澤 - Function: CMF 材質與色彩 - PEGA KM

像賽車排氣管般的金屬鮮豔色澤 - Function: CMF 材質與色彩 - PEGA KM

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Tectus TE 340 This modern door hinge is easily adjustable in 3 dimensions, maintenance free, UL Listed for 20 minutes and can accommodate up to Great for interior and or exterior applications