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Onew dumps baby Taemin

13 more K-Pop idols' LMAO stage goofs

Just proving that idols can be immatured even at their If you search up Shinee, EXO, BigBang and and others, you'll see what I'm talking about. EVERY ONE OF THEM IS CRAZY.

The wacky bromance of Onew and Min Ho. Love these two

Onew and Minho? but, but, my heart! Why jealousy? Cause this is not my Platonic OTP. You know I like to see you do these things with Key! (so not serious) Oh my SHINee are always so :)

Onew~.. whoo crackin walnuts with his finger..daebak!!

Onew Condition -He can break walnuts with his finger

How does he make falling against a wall so sexy!?

Kpop Réactions 😽

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Onew likes what he hears, likes, REALLY likes what he hears o -o

Onew's interactions with Yoogeun on "SHINee's Hello Baby".  (.gif set).

Onew's interactions with Yoogeun on "SHINee's Hello Baby".