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瓦井昭子:おろかな果実たちの飛翔 (1977)

瓦井昭子:おろかな果実たちの飛翔 (1977)

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Pinturas de Henri Rousseau!

Henri Rousseau Femme se promenant dans une foret exotique (Woman Walking in an Exotic Forest) 1905 Kb);

these colors!

Could use removable tape on the back of torn baby art to make collages. Work above by artist Claire Oswalt

Une sélection des superbes peintures de l'artiste anglais Philip Munoz, basé à Bristol, qui met en scène des jeunes femmes tatouées dans des portraits s

Les femmes tatouées de Philip Munoz

Philip Munoz is a self-taught painter based in Bristol city, UK.Focused on portraits and figures immersed in the “urban” context, Philip created vibrant and

Луиз Буржуа, работающих на второй сон (сон второй), Италия, 1967.

Louise Bourgeois working on Sleep II (Dream II) Italy, 1967 - she looks so happy.

Louise Bourgeois at work, New York, 2009, by Dimitris Yeros. With artists, there's no such thing as retirement. The way life should be!

Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010)