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baby kitty with a big head. So cute I could not resist one more. The Incensewoman

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Want this cat! Its called a ragdoll they're hypoallergenic and don't shed--sorry to whoever wrote this- I own rag dolls & they DO shed! But they are extremely sweet & worth it!

#cats Mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy #PersianCat

#cats Mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy #PersianCat

- I didn't think i was a cat person, fairly certain a Scottish fold could change that.

A cute gray and white kitten.

gray & white kitten ~ what a cutie.(Looks like our Smokey cat, when he was a baby. He was a wild baby that adopted us, we Loved him, he was a Great cat.

50 photos qui vous donneront envie d'avoir un chat persan comme compagnon

(^-^) Persian kitten Thomas wants one like this. * * Thomas iz a growed human. he kin getz a Persian kitteh if he wantz. Thomas iz growed, isn'ts he?

Furbaby on board!!!

crazy cute animal photos ★ My little princess~ ★ cute kitty cat with tiara

Repinned by *Doniele Disney* www.poppiespaintpowder.com British short hair cinnamon kitten.

British short hair cinnamon kitten- so cute have never really seen brown kitten/ cats before .