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Today we will give you the recipe of Turkish coffee. There is no need to talk about because it is already very popular and known worldwide, if you like coffee, however if you haven’t tried the Turkish coffee yet, you shouldn’t lose more time!

How to make and serve Turkish coffee with step by step easy instructions. #coffee #turkishcoffee

How to Make Turkish Coffee

قهوة Arabic , Coffee

Very, very Greek/Turkish kahve (coffee). Love it thick, when my spoon stands up in the cup!

Turkish coffee - I love Nyla's 'Middle Eastern Food' board.. beautiful! -

In Lebanon there is something they call White Coffee. White coffee is offered at get-togethers in Lebanon and it is simply boiled water with a few drops of orange blossom water, sugar, and cardamon, in lieu of caffeine- laden coffee.

“El café es tan grave, tan exclusivo, tan definitivo, que no admite acompañamiento sólido. Pero yo lo finto, saboreando, junto con él, el aroma del pan tostado con mantequilla que alguien pidió en la mesa contigua” Mário Quintana (1906 -  ¿?); poeta, traductor y periodista brasileño.

Turkish coffee has become a favorite of mine. Farah gave me a coffee pot (rakweh) to fully enjoy the experience of making this wonderful beverage.

Old-fashioned Turkish Cofffee

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Coffee inspired furnature: I want want want this LOVE IT!!

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VISIT GREECE Greek is a strong brew, served with foam on top and the grounds in the bottom of the cup. Although it can be made in a different pot, the traditional small pot is best because it allows the proper amount of foam, which adds to the un