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Vincent first version

All the news about the futuristic robots model kits,prints and more .

Esculturas “desechables” de Andrea Petrachi – La Manufacturera

Mechanical Sculptures Built from Discarded Objects by Andrea Petrachi sculpture recycling

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Slingshot by mrhd

I havn't mixed a chainsaw with anything for way too long. I worked on a fuel supply for it but that didn't worked so i went for an uranium enriched battery.or a witchtooth as a power supp.

Boeing Patents Laser Nuclear Fusion Jet Engine [The Future of Energy: http://futuristicnews.com/category/future-energy/  The Future of Aviation: http://futuristiscnews.com/tag/aircraft/]

Heat Transfer Reactor A nuclear powered jet engine developed as part of the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion program (xpost /r/TechnologyPorn)