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Hyperoliid reed frogs have a gland in their vocal sac that contains species-specific compounds, perhaps these frogs emit perfume when singing or to smell good when hugging mates. via /r/Awwducational.

A Multitude of Morphs: Harlequin Dart Frogs | Featured Creature

A Multitude of Morphs: Harlequin Dart Frogs - Pictured here is the Koi morph. These are Harlequin Poison Dart Frogs (Oophaga histrionica, Oophaga sylvatica - two “different” [this is debated] species). These creatures come in a multitude of color.


archiemcphee: “ A Cranwell’s horned frog bites a man’s finger in Igor Siwanowicz’s studio in Wisconsin. Biochemist and photographer Igor Siwanowicz has spent the last five years acquiring, breeding.

How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains! ~John Muir,  #inspiration

A 'Pearl-of-Rain-Drop' on a floating Lotus 'Leaf-Tray', and a frog trying to…

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Now pull the twigs together . LFs silly sense of humor .Super frog by Mustafa Öztürk

~~Let's Swing Together My Friend | frogs by Ellena Susanti~~

Fotografia Let& Swing Together My Friend de Ellena Susanti na

Cute frog cluster

bellasecretgarden: “~~Three Reinwardt’s flying frogs, commonly known as the black webbed tree frog or the green flying frog, pose for the camera