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Strawberry-Lemon Detox Drink 1 cup of fresh or frozen strawberries of a lemon or 2 tbsp of lemon juice cup cold water 5 ice cubes 1 tbsp Honey/Agave Syrup/Maple Syrup or any other liquid sweetener Blend all ingredients together until smooth, and enjoy!

The holistically-inclined facialist behind such celebs as Michelle Williams and Naomi Watts explains why you're a green juice away from great skin.

4 juice recipes for great skin from celeb facialist Joanna Vargas

Bromelain, the enzymes in pineapple, promote good digestion and good skin. (Bromelain is even applied topically in skin-clearing masks and e.

~Iced green tea lime cooler - caffeine boost, metabolism booster, healthy antioxidants." data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

Green Tea Lime Cooler

Iced Green Tea Lime Cooler – caffeine boost, for a different flavor from coffee! This is a metabolism booster and has healthy antioxidants Iced Green Tea Lime Cooler – caffeine…

Bright eyed green detox juice

Bright eyed green detox juice

Many people want to lose weight and get into shape, but they do not have time for exercise. If you want to skip exercise or diet pills, there are many ways to lose weight fast, Find How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise- fast tips

NaturalNews) Metropolitan cities continue to swell across the US as millions flock to densely populated regions seeking employment and hoping for a better quality of life. As urban life continues to grow more popular (especially in the New York metropolitan area), so does the risk of developing various diseases caused by pollutants that are... FULL ARTICLE & VIDEOS @ http://greatesthealthsecrets.com/why-cities-make-people-stupid-air-pollution-significantly-reduces-childrens-iq-study-finds/

Do These 10 Things in Your Kitchen to Lose Weight

Do These 9 Things in Your Kitchen to Lose Weight or to Simply Promote Healthier Eating Habits.good tips on preparing healthy meals and snacks so you don't binge on junk when you are hungry and pressed for time. - is amazing!

7 DIY Detox Water Recipes | Skinny Mom | Where Moms Get the Skinny on Healthy Living

7 DIY Detox Water Recipes



Green Tea Mango Smoothie Recipe! The perfect healthy cool-down snack #summerfood #summer2013 #healthy

Green Tea Mango Smoothie

Green Tea Mango Smoothie 1 cup raw spinach 1 large mango, peeled and sliced cup unsweetened apple juice 1 medium banana cup cooked quinoa 1 cup brewed green tea inch slice of fresh ginger, peeled (optional)

An easy to make, delicious and nutritious smoothie!  #smoothie

The BEST Anti-Inflammatory Green Smoothie

Anti-inflammatory Green Smoothie - 24 Carrot Kitchen I use avocado instead of a banana to cut down on the glycemic load and to include some good fats to help carry the nutrients into my body.

Juice recipe for pain

How To Make Juicing for Health A Daily Habit