Sample poster from the bundled set... includes posters for reading, writing, science, math, friends, listeners, and more.  #posters $

"The Parts of a..." {The Bundled Set of Posters}

I used this poster as a model for an anchor chart. The students gave me ideas for the labels with my "help." I have launched many reading lessons off this poster. it's a visual reminder for my students.


This is just a great inspirational poster to have hanging up in the classroom. It lets students know that every day. Students need to feel safe in their environment to succeed.

This is a perfect first calendar for home or school. Learn about the days of the week and months of the year in a way designed just for children from preschool through first grade | Preschool Inspirations

The Perfect First Calendar for the Home or Classroom

Fire Drill Book - Making Fire Drills Less Stressful - Pocket of Preschool

Fire, Earthquake, Tornado, & Intruder Drills - Visuals and supports to make emergency drills less stressful and scary for kids in your preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten classrooms.

Fire drill book and routine poster to support students and make fire drills less stressful. Perfect for back to school. Pocket of Preschool

Crayons, Paper, Kindergarten!: Rules and Behavior Chart

Here are my classroom rules and behavior chart that I made this year. I love the ribbons and the black backgrounds.

Love this!  She took out the "We do a lot of tests" line!  Free printable.

Bright Colors Classroom Decor First Grade Found Me: Ten Pin Linky- Classroom Decor Ideas Creekside Teacher Tales: Classroom Pledge & Freebie.

Why I Will Never Use a Behavior Chart Again, This is awesome. Reminds me of our reflection table.

I love this- Take a Break Space. I would actually have the students work toward being able to use the Take a Break Space if they stay on task.

IMG_4289.JPG 995×1,600 pixels

Theses matching, colorful footprints are an awesome way to help children line up. I wonder if teachers can turn lining up into a game with these footprints in place!

Coordenação... Brincadeiras...deafios...dia do brincar...dia das crianças

Weaving through a rainbow- Fun activity that encourages balance, motor planning, coordination and body awareness. Teacher read “A Rainbow of My Own” by Don Freeman to go with the activity. Great pic as well, can be a group activity