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leo spends at least 12 minutes a day zipping around the ship taking group selfies with everyone, and it is exclusively so instead of “say cheese,” he can tell everyone to “say memes.

I love things like this. The seven in the future! If you find a good one send it to me please!

Percy Jackson / Frozen crossover << And Leo just hides behind Percy to pop out at the perfect moment percabeth pregnant

I love how confused Annabeth is borderline offended

Selfie with Piper, Hazel and Annabeth. Annabet like: what's going on here? By cherryandsister

Leo Valdez - heroes of olympus

Fanart The Heroes of Olympus Hazel Levesque Frank Zhang Heroes of Olympus HoO

First and last sentences of Percy Jackson books.

Opening and finishing lines of the five ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ books - Can't forget your roots, son.<<< Dis made me cry.'( I miss Percy Jackson.

Surprise kiss!!!!

fifteen year old Nico is stuck in the infirmary for three days with Will Solace when Nico develops a not so secret crush on the seventeen year old boy.

http://burstinglight.tumblr.com/post/34653839186 <- I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SCENE TO BE DRAWN. YEEESSSSS!!!!

**MoA spoiler** BAHAHAHA and this is why Percabeth will always be my OTP in this fandom. XD <- This is my favorite moment from MOA. I love how she drops it and Percy is just "Seems strange.

Read Chp 4 - Percy's POV from the story A Different Reality (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by RahCol with 934 reads. Percy woke up with the.

i can’t believe this actually happened<<<I think Percy ate too much pizza:

i can’t believe this actually happened<<<I think Percy ate too much pizza<<< ? Do you know what a social sign is?

Ohhh, Leo. I may have literally laughed out loud at this part. :)

Leo's solution to an awkward moment! Piper McLean, Jason Grace, & Leo Valdez<<<<< the lost hero page 411