Mrs. King's Music Class: Movement Ideas for "Those" Days

Movement Ideas for "Those" Days

King's Music Room: Movement Ideas for "Those" Days. The kids have arrived with an overabundance of energy and a complete lack of focus. Here are some fabulous ideas for surviving with a smile and a little wiggle. 2016 08 human-body-videos-for-kids

Human Body Videos for Kids

Halloween Songs - free video of 'Skeleton Dance' song based on Dem Bones. fun and a good action song for any time of year.

Using Music with Children with Special Needs | ALSC Blog

March is National Music in the Classroom month! Scarves help to fuel creativity by moving them with the music.

High and Low - Song and Game

Today, I& going to talk about two high and low activities I have used in my classroom for several years now. Five Little Monkeys This is.

Animal moves are prefect for getting the kids moving.  These are perfect for brain breaks or to use in stations.

Animal Moves - Kids

Animal moves are prefect for getting the kids moving. These are perfect for brain breaks or to use in stations. Use for preschool gross motor!

The Plucky Pianista blog: Piano teaching ideas, music resources that promote creativity in students, professional development for piano teachers

Fun & Fantastic Freebies from Music Friends Around the World

Popcorn - Beat & Body Percussion

This is an engaging brain break and/or movement and music activity. Notes: The number of popcorn pieces on the stage floor indicate how many beats each actio.

How Does Your Garden Grow ~ Music Note Collage for 2nd Grade ~ Have your 2nd graders make connections between music, art, science, math, and drawing by creating a garden of music notes!  Follow your project by a conversation on growing a garden and see how many ideas will bloom!  This project can accompany any song about gardening (such as Music K8's "How Does Your Garden Grow") and can make perfect decorations for your upcoming spring concert or bulletin board!

How Does Your Garden Grow ~ Simple project for primary music students. Could compliment a unit on garden themed songs or a similarly themed spring musical!

Elementary music students love to play instruments! Review rhythm and have fun with this song, lesson plan and Orff arrangement. Great music education resource.

Elementary Music Lesson ~ Rhythm Sticks: Orff, Rhythm, Instruments & Composition

Fun song, rhythm activities and Orff arrangement for any elementary music class while adding the non-pitched percussion instrument - rhythm sticks!

talks about “the beat of the music,” so find a song to accompany your reading that has a strong beat and playful tone. Pharrell Williams’s song "Happy" or Herbie Hancock's "Watermelon Man" or "Cantaloupe Island"

Dance with Me: Super Sturdy Picture Book (Super Sturdy Picture Books) by Charles R. This was a decent addition to our collection.