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Although some think the April 1964 Socorro UFO sighting was a hoax or a misidentified lunar test probe, other sightings of an almost identical nature seem to show that Lonnie Zamora’s observation was of something truly alien.  We’ve noted here, several times, the La Madeira sighting of April 26, 1964, a few days after Lonnie Zamora’s iconic encounter.  Then there is the July 1st 1965 Valensole, France sighting which is virtually identical to the Zamora/Socorro sighting.

MUFON reports the trace as a tripod of depressed spots within an area of depressed and swirled grass. At one point in the article the trace is described as

German UFO - just ask yourself WHY and HOW did they get these Ideas and Advances in so early years??...

They look suspiciously like George Adamski's debunked alien spacecraft.


One of the most intriguing cases of a UFO sighting with physical trace evidence is that of the 1964 landing of an unknown craft witnessed by policeman Lonnie Zamora.

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Alien anatomy 1 by RodolfoRamirez

Alien anatomy 1 by RodolfoRamirez

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