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Infantry armour | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Infantry armour Italy, The style of the etching, with the various medallions and bands of "trophies", is very common for Italian armours from about 1550 to

Italian, Milan        Cuirass for Light Cavalry or Infantry ("Waistcoat" Cuirass), 1590/95              Steel with etching

Italian, Milan Cuirass for Light Cavalry or Infantry ("Waistcoat" Cuirass), Steel with etching

Infantry armor, Italy 1571.

I'm particularily fond of history and archaeology, mythology and.

Demi-armure de fantassin, Suisse vers 1630. A Swiss infantry half-armour, circa 1630. Comprising burgonet with one-piece skull rising to a comb cabled with close-set finely incised lines over the top, fitted with pointed peak, matching neck-guard, a pair of pierced hinged cheek-pieces also matching, the edges turned and cabled en suite with the comb, fitted with modern brass plume-holder and studded with brass-capped rivets and rows of lining rivets on modern rosette washers

Demi-armure de fantassin, Suisse vers A Swiss infantry half-armour, circa…

So many things I see wrong. I want to hit that helm and see how much blood comes out. Or if I can catch those pins and make the visor pop off.

A Knight . Or as they say Once a King always a King, but Once a Night is Enough ( just a joke )

Infantry Armor Etched Steel Italian 1571 CE | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Photographed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, New York.

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