Peaches and Cream

Rose Arrangements

This casual floral display features a freshly cut assortment of pink 'Emory Paul' and 'Andries' Orange' dahlias and giant zinnias.

Orange Flower Arrangements

Flower Bucket Arrangement An antique flower bucket holds a freshly cut assortment of 'Emory Paul' and 'Andries' Orange' dahlias and Giant zinnias.

simplicity via Paula Butler

Love hi-lo combinations in everything from home decor to personal fashion to flowers.and extravagant and lush arrangement of roses and prairie gentian (I think) in a lowly mason jar.

Autumn Rose Arrangement  - Martha Stewart

Rose Arrangements

"Autumn Rose Arrangement" This arrangement of calla lilies and roses is held in place thanks to a coiled grapevine. The orange of the flowers and the grapevine flower frog makes this the perfect arrangement for autumn.

Psalm 34:22 KJV

I always see garden roses mislabeled as peonies here. If you love peonies and your event occurs way out of their season, garden roses are the answer to your dilemma.

A circle of flower love.

This creative little team of Annabella Charles Photography, Karin from Haute Horticulture - who creates the most incredible florals – and Kristin from Everbloom Designs, designed all this prettiness for Issue 4 of Magnolia Rouge Magazine

Love this simple floral arrangement. Photo: IKEA

Plant amaryllis or paper white bulbs in a tall vase to help them stand up straight when they bloom. Beautiful at Christmas!