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Cacoxenite - La Paloma Mine, Zarza la Mayor, Cáceres, Spain  micro photo by Christian Rewitzer

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Strengite is a relatively rare iron phosphate mineral. The mineral is named after the German mineralogist Johann August Streng It can range from lavender, pink or purple in hue.

Mullite viola / Bellerberg, Eifel, Germany / Mineral Friends <3

Together, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen form a seemingly endless variety of minerals. This is a remarkably pouf of mullite.

Olivenite & Fluorite - Clara Mine, Wolfach, Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Hehe, the Iron Throne?) Cluster of long prismatic Olivenite Olivenite with Fluorite on Barite matrix / Clara Mine, Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


25 increíbles piedras preciosas poco conocidas

Crocoite energizes you, and infuses vitality and zest into your life. It acts like a tonic to create sparkle, loving relations and passion. Brings love, creativity and spiritual growth.

Criquette Filianite Crescentanite

Carson Fox - Orange Crystal Spikes - it looks like jello! I almost wanna eat it lol