Stingue Sting x Rogue Yaoi // Fairy Tail -Fairy Tail

Pictures of my OTP and yours ship from Fairy Tail: STINGUE (Sting Eucliffe x Rogue Cheney)! WARNING: yaoi boy x boy.

Fairy Tail by Chipiron on DeviantArt

My FT next-gen is still in progress and not completed (except NaLu and Laxana), but here we have: NaLu kids - Kai and Emily Gruvia kids - Ansu and 'no-name' Gajevy kid - 'no name' iloveKaisomuch Yo. Credits to artist, Natsu and Gajeel tough

Fairy Tail sabertooth chapter  page 5 & 6. Frosch is so sweet!!!!

Fairy Tail sabertooth chapter page 5 & Frosch is so sweet!