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The punsssss

Funny pictures about Why is Peter Pan always flying? Oh, and cool pics about Why is Peter Pan always flying? Also, Why is Peter Pan always flying?

cool-surprised-Disney-male-characters-movies.jpg 540×1,503 pixels

cool-surprised-Disney-male-characters-movies.jpg 540×1,503 pixels


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Princess Tiana ✨

The only princess that told me if you have a dream that you have to work hard for it to come true. She wasnt looking for Prince Charming on the way, but man, did that make her journey a little more exciting.

The first "Mickey mouse" was NOT Oswald the lucky rabbit. It was Oswald the lucky rabbit obviously!

I don't think that u should make being a Disney princesses the number one thing on your list. Maybe in the future. They said

Could You Actually Be A Disney Princess?

We all loved dressing up as our favorite Disney Characters! Take this test to find out which Disney Dress you were born to wear!