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Alex Pettyfer this guys a hottie from top to bottom . And his British accent is so sexy 😋

Not asking for much....just to have your baby!!

What Does Your Taste In Men Say About You?

Matt Grevers (team usa swimmer) Boy you have some great eyes! and an awesome face.

Tom Hard-on, *cough cough* I mean, Hardy turn 35.

Another pinner said- Tom Hardy. Figuring out he's Bane on Dark Knight Rises was probably one of the biggest surprises of my life!

Shia Lebouf    u saw him at: The Transformers franchise (as Sam) and Disturbia

Shia Labeouf ♥♥♥

Afternoon Eye Candy: Random Hotties (29 photos)

Afternoon Eye Candy: Random Hotties (29 photos)