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In Extremis Sandro Giordano 6

Just an Illusion # 308

People falling down photos. Pics of people falling down in art series by photographer Sandro Giodano called In Extremis (Bodies With No Regret.

Rémy Noel

The secret life of miniature Batman by photographer Rémi Noël - Ego - AlterEgo

Первым делом включи трек под постом.

A Midnight Walk Through the Neon-Hued Streets of Asian Cities by Marcus Wendt While on a recent trip through Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Seoul, London-based photographer Marcus Wendt found himself suffering from a bout of jetlag induced insomnia and.

The secret life of miniature Batman by photographer Rémi Noël - ego-alterego.com

In what might be a darker and more existential take on the popular children's movie Toy Story, photographer Remi Noël has created a series of images of his trip through Texas featuring a plastic Batman action figure as his only companion.

No elephants

Have you ever noticed how people tend to rationalize everything? My son, who has always been, from a very young age, very astute about human nature said to me one day wh.

The beach. by Julien Taillez  on 500px

The beach. by Julien Taillez

batman laundry

It’s not everyday that you see a fine art photography project based on the adventures of a tiny Batman figurine trekking across Texas. French photographer Rémi Noël created a photographic map of Texas.

Parlez-vous Français?   Métropolisson is a creative project by Parisian photographer Janol Apin that takes place on the many stations of the Paris Metro. (Great series!)

Photographer Creates Visual Puns of Paris Metro Stations

One day I'd like to be creative and funny like Aled Lewis

Recent work by Aled Lewis. Previously on BLDGWLF… You may also like.Aled LewisAled LewisAled LewisAled LewisWhat If The Dinosaurs Deserved It?