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SNECMA C.400 "Atar Volant" VTOL, 1956, pulse-jet engine

SNECMA C.400 "Atar Volant" VTOL, 1956, pulse-jet engine

Bell D188A

The Bell was a proposed eight-engine Mach vertical take-off and landing tiltjet fighter that never proceeded past the mock-up stage. Top speed: mph km/h)

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Edgley Optica was a British light aircraft designed for observation work, intended as a low-cost alternative to helicopters, retailing originally at around

キ83 (航空機)

- Mitsubishi - The Mitsubishi (航空機)) was a Japanese experimental long-range heavy fighter designed near the end of World War II. It did not reach production status.

The Lockheed “Blackbird” on the factory floor of Skunk Works, where it was developed as a black project from the Lockheed reconnaissance aircraft in the Skunk Works is an official.

Snecma C.450 Coléoptère

The SNECMA Coleoptere was a completley unorthodox aircraft from top to bottom. It had VTOL capabilites and an annular wing wrapped around a jet engine.

Cfm56-3-turbofan - CFM International CFM56 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A CFM gas turbine engine with a Woodward main engine control(gold and silver can type component on bottom).