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X planes

X-Plane group shot X-Planes have been a proving ground for developments including delta wings, tailless aircraft, and supersonic flight. In the center of this group photo is the and clockwise from the left are an a an an a and an - CNET

XC-142A, 1st Flt 29 Sep 1964,Number Built 5

This Absurd Tilt-Wing Whirly Bird Actually Flew

The US military’s advanced concepts wing wants an ambitious, high-speed vertical take-off and landing aircraft. But can it succeed where others have failed?

B52 bombers at Davis-Monthan air force base (Tucson, Arizona) where over 4,000 redundant aircraft of various types are beautifully parked.

Aircraft Graveyard --- at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base near Tucson, Arizona - Hundreds of Stratofortress bombers are stored here in the desert. These planes, whose flying days are over, are preserved for spare parts.

thetestpilots: “X-15 ”

would love some retro space/star charts for baby boy's room. these colors are fantastic.

MiG-15 | Flickr - Fotosharing!

developed by Soviet aeronautical engineering pioneers Artem Mikoyan and Mikhail Gurevich. This plane was nearly unstoppable over the skies of Korea during the I saw one of these recently at an airshow and it was a remarkable aircraft

Collection of some strange & weird aircrafts of the world. Information about most of these airplanes is not available. Some of these planes look from future while others look dumb ideas. But they are worth a look.

Onera Deltaviex - French experimental jet 1954 Despite the name, the wing is not…

A P-47 Thunderbolt fighter, with the bubble top canopy, which gave pilots superior visibility 360 degrees.  1944 or 45, more than likely flying in Italy, because of the yellow bands on the wings, may have been assigned to the Tuskegee Airmen squadron, which until the arrival of the P-51 were limited in the markings on their planes.

This one is special to me because I have seen this plane in person.

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List of the 10 most powerful and fastest jet aircraft ever built in the World. Fastest Jets in 2012 - 2013

Weird Planes: Cancelled 'Convair XF-92' (10 Pics)

Weird Planes: Cancelled Convair XF-92

The Convair was a weird plane to look at, renamed and used as a in the Howard Hughes film Jet Pilot, starring John Wayne and Janet Leigh

North American X-15

X15. Let's put some tiny wings on this rocket.

“U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force aircraft at the General Electric flight test facilities at Edwards Air Force Base, California (USA). The following aircraft are visible (l-r): McDonnell F-101A Voodoo...

Navy and U. Air Force aircraft at the General Electric flight test facilities at Edwards Air Force Base, California (USA).