General Dynamics F-16XL, a F-16 with a double delta wing for increased carrying capacity.

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General Dynamics is a derivative of the Fighting Falcon, with a cranked-arrow delta wing. First flight Experimental

Pit Viper by PhthaloType on deviantART

This is an alternative shown as it might appear in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. This is not the Block 60 "Desert Falcon" of late, but w.



Mitsubishi F-2A 13-8512 (cn 1012) splendid, and factory fresh, camouflage on this F-2 that heads out for a factory test flight after maintenance at the Komaki Mitsubishi plant

Showing off the striking color scheme, a JASDF taxies on the apron of Nagoya - Komaki (Airport codes NKM / RJNA). The is an enlarged built for Japan only, being the primary anti-ship.

RAF English Electric Lightning and TU-95 Bear, many times the soviets breached allied airspace and re conned the area but the fighters if they shot an aircraft down would seem like an act of war because most of the bears only had cameras and a crew, so they were then intercepted and escorted out of the airspace, both superpowers were accused of doing this on multiple occasions.

27 high tension photos of NATO jets intercepting Russian warplanes

RAF English Electric Lightning and Russian Tupolev "Bear". This happened during an era of British aerial dominance (with the US) in terms of it's air industry. English Electric were just one company operating at the time.

Republic XF-103 Mach 3 Thundewarrior interceptor program.

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