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benvenuto cellini | Benvenuto Cellini. Busto di Cosimo I Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence, 1546-47.

Benvenuto Cellini - Busto di Cosimo I de' Medici (bronzo, Firenze, Museo…

Statue of Freedom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Statue of Freedom—also known as Armed Freedom or simply Freedom—is a bronze statue designed by Thomas Crawford that, since has crowned the dome of the U. Capitol in Washington, D.

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Alexander the of Alexander in Istanbul Archaeology Museum. - Ancient king of Macedonia in northern Greece. Born in Pella, up to 16 years have been made in any of his mentor Aristotle. 30 years old, he has created one of the largest empire in history

Verrocchio's monument to Bartolomeo Colleoni in the Campo di Santi Giovanni e Paolo, Venice, 1481-88, cast in bronze by Alessandro Leopardi in 1496

VERROCCHIO Andrea del - Italian - - Bartolomeo Colleoni - a former Captain General of the Republic of Venice, bronze equestrian statue 1483 until his death in completed By: Alessandro Leopardi

Old Ages (II) - Uses of Flowers, Plants, and Oils By the Ancients

missfolly: “ Head of Apollo, modeled on the Apollo Belvedere (Marble, Roman copy of ca.

Os impressionantes bustos feitos por Philippe Faraut - Metamorfose Digital

Os impressionantes bustos feitos por Philippe Faraut

File:0 Statue de Mars (Pyrrhus) - Musei Capitolini - MC0058 (2).JPG

Mars, God of war, and chief God of the Roman State, is the analogous to the Greek God Ares. Although the Romans reinterpreted the identity of Ares, in the sense that he is now doesn't embody the characteristics of Ares in his entirety.

D'Artagnan, Place du General Catroux, Paris.

D'Artagnan - Detail of the statue of Alexandre Dumas, father, Paris XVII - Gustave Doré -

Modellino per la tesa di Medusa - Benvenuto Cellini

Modellino per la tesa di Medusa, 1550 - Benvenuto Cellini

Statue of Isis Sculpture Hadrianic period (117-138 AD) Marble Musei Capitolini

Statue of Isis / Hall of the Galatian / Palazzo Nuovo / Through the rooms - Musei Capitolini