Blue Dagnis (by Jeff Costa Rica Photography on Flickr)

Blue Dacnis or Turquoise Honeycreeper - ©Jeffrey Muñoz (Jeff Costa Rica Photography) via

Banded Broadbill in Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand. Photo by Carl-Johan Svensson

This bird is called a Banded Broadbill. (the colors in the photo have been pushed and saturated to make it look more intensely colorful)

Nice colors.

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Blue Eyed Cormorant (Phalacrocorax atriceps) also known as the Blue-eyed Shag & Imperial Shag

Shoebill. ハシビロコウ

The Shoebill (Balaeniceps rex) also known as Whalehead or Shoe-billed Stork. The adorable, absolutely fantastic Shoebill is a very large stork-like bird. It lives in tropical east Africa in large swamps from Sudan to Zambia

Woodpecker visiting with a Cardinal

Winter Birds--cardinals and red-bellied woodpecker on feeder. These guys are visitors to our feeders in PA

a_a : 画像

Black Paradise Flycatcher Young Sung Bae A male, with very long tail feathers, feeding chicks. What a beautiful bird!

甘いはうまい : Photo

The Collared Whitestart or Collared Redstart (Myioborus torquatus) is a tropical New World warbler endemic to the mountains of Costa Rica and western Panama. Photo by Bill Holsten


Philomachus pugnax III by *nordfold Meet the Ruff, a rather peculiar bird from Norway. Looks like an old lady in a hat with a strange handbag

半分ずつ色が違う「ハーフサイダー」なセキセイインコについて解説。両親の色が異なり、受精卵が細胞分裂するとき遺伝子異常が重なると産まれる。他の生き物でも、同様のことは起きるとのこと bird

「ハーフサイダー」なセキセイインコ 半分ずつ親の色を受け継ぐ

Halfsider - Twinzy is a "half sider" budgerigar, the characteristics of a blue bird on one side and a green bird on the other, even his tail feathers are split down the middle!

The Royal Flycatcher. Native to Central & South America, this little bird has a crazy head plume

Northern royal flycatcher (Onychorhynchus coronatus mexicanus) The northern…

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Violet-green swallow - (Tachycineta thalassina) Beautiful color pattern and sweet appearance, this swallow lives only in America and nests in cavities in a tree or rock crevice.

Ave   Silvia Patricia Balaguer

The Blade of Discipline and the Stone of Suffering house-of-gnar: Peregrine Falcon by Jack Ballard

Indian Roller

Indian Roller: When in flight, the most glorious of all blue feathers - the bright-blue, turquoise and indigo are all visible in their full majesty. The bird is best known for the aerobatic displays of the male during the breeding season.