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Take a good look at these giraffe nap pics, because you won't often catch a giraffe sleeping. In fact, despite being the tallest animal, giraffes have the

Resultado de imagen para tony r palazzi

Resultado de imagen para tony r palazzi

Giraffe drinking

A Giraffe bending its knees to reach the refreshing water. We normally see giraffe spreading their legs wide apart when bending for water.

This amazing photo captures the unique moment two fighting giraffes got their incredibly long limbs tangled up. These two male giraffes were ferociously battling with their legs and necks for dominance and mating rights when they became unintentionally entwined. Giraffes generate huge amounts of force and are capable of knocking an opponent to the ground with a single strike.

These amazing stills capture the moment British photographer Ben Coley snapped a pair of males fighting in the South African bush, at the Sa.

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Funny pictures about A baby giraffe called Margaret. Oh, and cool pics about A baby giraffe called Margaret. Also, A baby giraffe called Margaret.

Photograph Tenderness by Mario Moreno on 500px

Tenderness A portrait of a female giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) with her calf taken in the Kariega Game Reserve located in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Photo by Mario Moreno

Some of the most incredible nature photography you'll ever see...

The most incredible nature photography of 2013

2013 National Geographic Photo Contest-photo an caption by Majed Ali-a giraffe started drinking and it was a ice moment when the Giraffe finished the drink and leaves a letter "S" with motion in the air.

Leap Frog er Giraffe filmguys

Funny pictures about Leap giraffe. Oh, and cool pics about Leap giraffe. Also, Leap giraffe.

<b>Chester Zoo just welcomed a new baby giraffe and she DGAF.</b>

An Endangered Giraffe Was Born And She Has So Much Attitude

This is Zahra, a Rothschild giraffe calf, born at the Chester Zoo just before Christmas.

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Giraffes make me happy.RAINBOW giraffes make me incredibly happy!

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Writing Prompt: What's the giraffe trying to say? This is Genevieve the Giraffe. She has always wanted to sing opera. Here she is seen doing vocal exercises to warm up her vocal cords. WHHOOOOP WHHOOOOP - what day is it : Tuesday - day before HUMP DAY

We would like to wish everyone a happy fathers day and happy world giraffe day!http://www.worldgiraffeday.org/

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