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Nyarlathotep thinks you've been naughty.

madnessbeckons: “ Nyarlathotep -Antonio Jose Manzanedo ”

Nyarlathotep: "I am the last. I will tell the audient void. Lovecraft p sh f I thnk

My only actual "favorite author" (I don't really read books) H.P. Lovecraft somehow put into words many weird thoughts and instincts I used to have as a kid. When I began reading his stories, I often felt as if he had known the same things that I was vaguely trying to form into understandable concepts... very cosmic!

Howard Phillips Lovecraft: The Evil Clergyman Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Corsair's Call by *faile35 on deviantART

f Rogue Thief Pirate crossbow ship water Corsair's Call by on deviantART

Resultado de imagen para libro de magia prohibido

"men say that a dancing-girl of Shadizar slept too near the pre-human ruins on Dagoth Hill and woke in the grip of a black demon; Demon Of Dagoth Hill 2

Resultado de imagen de james flaxman artist

Some artists, writers and musicians need to be reminded that marked social inadequacy is not the same as genius. The Songless Bird

Мрачные картинки,красивые картинки

Miasma by AustenMengler on DeviantArt (Austen Mengler, Australia)