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Zoé Features Added Details That Make All The Difference Photo

Zoé Features Added Details That Make All The Difference

Zoé Features Added Details That Make All The Difference in main home furnishings Category The Banc Zoé bench has an extra bar for storage, making it easy to hook umbrellas or any other accessories used in your daily life.

The Parka Collection by Studio Hopkins

The Parka Collection: Furniture Turned Inside Out - Design Milk Using wood and wool Los Angeles-based Studio Hopkins turns these materials inside out with the Scandinavian-inspired Parka collection. via Pocket IFTTT Pocket December 06 2015 at


Modiste Furniture Rotterdam


La table Série X by Benjamin Faure

Kant desk by Ippinka http://www.ippinka.com/blog/the-kant-desk/

Kant Desk

worclip: “ Kant Desk by Patrick Frey and Markus Boge for Nils Holger Moormann GmbH Images © Nils Holger Moormann GmbH “ Kant provides an organized desk area. Due to its folded rear section, the.

Crescent Lounge Daybed by Vonnegut/Kraft | MONOQI #bestofdesign

The distinctive Crescent Lounge Daybed by New York-based label Vonnegut/Kraft provides the perfect excuse to relax in style.


invenções tecnológicas curiosas do século xxi- parte 1

The Power of Sitting: "Unplugged" Desk Harvests Your Energy for Electricity : TreeHugger

Now that you’re expected to work from almost anywhere—your sofa, an airplane, a rickshaw in Kathmandu—and your “desktop” fits in the palm of your hand, are actual desks still necessary? We thought it over, called in six of our favorites, and came away answering, emphatically, yes!  Desks are more than places to park your unopened bills or pound away at your laptop; they are receptacles for your creative dreams, holding the promise of inspiration and focused attention every time you pull up a…

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