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A True Gentleman holds the door for his woman, then smacks her ass

Forever is a long time.  I've loved you for 1,000 years and I'll you for a 1,000 more I was dying waiting for You

Anniversary Messages to Write in a Card

Forever is a long time. Love Quote Walkowski LaHaye I've loved you for years and I'll you for a more I was dying waiting for You. I Love my Cy forever ♡

yes yes we do....I wish I could send this to you

Inspirational picture player quotes, wise, meaningful, sayings, relationship. Find your favorite picture!

If the question is chocolate related, the answer is always yes.

Inspiring Quotes About Life : if the question is chocolate related the answer is yes :). - Hall Of Quotes

Tips para una dieta saludable

Dieta de los 3 días

I am doing it - It sounds easy actually -----The Shred Diet: Lose Pounds and Inches in 6 Weeks!: Throw away your fat pants . That’s the promise of Dr. Ian Smith’s groundbreaking Shred Diet. His innovative plan.

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If You are Depressed You are Living in the Past! If You are Anxious You are Living in the Future! If You are at Peace, You are Living in the Present!

today better watch it's back.

Punch today in the face! A workout that will blast fat. It's the ultimate full body workout.