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Although this is a beautiful pup, I'm not a fan of wolf hybrids, which is exactly what this is. I've worked with wolves enough to know they cannot be trained like a domesticated dog - I know this because I'm a dog trainer of German Shepherds. PLEASE do your research before you bring a dog breed into your home that won't be a good fit. | Dillon - Blue Bay Shepherds ♥

According to Dillon @ Blue Bay Shepherds, this is a wolf-hybrid. He's a beauty, but it sure pays to know your breed.

Not a wolf! This is a northern breed mix!

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This is a hybrid wolf pup—they are beautiful and smart. My friend got a hybrid wolf pup named Smokey. He grew to a lovable 165 pounds, and he thought he was a lap dog. He was absolutely gorgeous!

Man Documents His Incredible Outdoor Adventures with His Gorgeous Wolfdog - My Modern Met#.Vfs9AsGStVQ.email#.Vfs9AsGStVQ.email

Man Documents His Incredible Outdoor Adventures with His Gorgeous Wolfdog

Best friends: Loki the Wolfdog relaxes in a hammock with owner Kelly Lund during one of their outdoor adventures in Evergreen, Colorado

Red flag#1: the breeder is trying to sell you a "ckc" registered "98.49575728 wolfdog." Unless exact lineage is known from the F1cross, it is impossible to know %. A good breeder will use LC,MC,HC terminology. The ckc thing is just what bad breeders like to tack on in order to charge you more money. Literally any mutt can be registered as anything under a ckc.

Little Wolf