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asylum-art: “ Frost Photography by Patrick Hübschmann German photographer Patrick Hübschmann has a real talent for capturing nature in the fog and frost. Based in Baden-Baden, this artist.

101614 sugar maples yellow-orange ~ big trees like this always remind me of an enid blyton/lord of the rings adventure. or a love story.

Gorgeous sugar maple tree and reflection; just beautiful, can't beat a sugar maple tree in the fall.

"upward-soaring beings never lead towards self, sin, or materiality, but guide to the divine Principle of all good, whither every real individuality, image, or likeness of God, gathers. By giving earnest heed to these spiritual guides they tarry with us, and we entertain "angels unawares." ~MBEddy

Forest near Morrison, Colorado by Jocelyn Catterson. Special chair in that forest

"Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage" - Smashing Pumpkins, Bullet with Butterfly Wings

This looks like one of those cold, freezing fog days. That moist cold just goes right through you.

Snow White Reindeer

OP: "Moose in winter." The moose is thinking: "Could be worse. Could be Norway." (Accounting grumbles: "Hej, we resemble that remark. BTW Should we tell the moose that he's actually a reindeer?

So beautiful...love the fog.

"Fog in the Firs" by Clark Hecker

Funny pictures about Red forest. Oh, and cool pics about Red forest. Also, Red forest.

Lavender has been cultivated for centuries in Europe and the sight of ancient castles and country houses poking above soft mauve fields of blooming lavender is not to be missed in one’s lifetime. The ethereal scene above, seemingly brought to life from a glorious Turner watercolor via the photographic magic of Antony Spencer, hails from Faulkland, Somerset, in the United Kingdom. Rule Britannia!

Painted Pastures: 7 Amazing Colorful Fields & Meadows

Frosty Trail Photograph  - Frosty Trail Fine Art Print

Frosty Trail

Landscape Wood Print featuring the photograph Frosty Trail by Penny Meyers