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Bahaha, I'm caught between. Don't watch yaoi don't like it but I'll stick up for all genres of anime.except hentia.there's no way to excuse that<<<yaoi,,yaoi is hentai

Every time I'm in History class, I can't help but to think of the countries as their personifications from Hetalia.  Thank you, Himayura-sensei!

History Is funny

Italy, Germany, cute, chibi, pen, yaoi, kiss, blushing, flowers, flower crown, crying, sad, comic, funny, hearts, text; Hetalia

Italy and Germany // Hetalia ~ I'm not into boy love or yaoi but this is too cute to not pin <<I'm not part of this fandom but I ship it goddamnit

What are you holding Near?! Mello, Near, Matt, L, Light/Kira, Death note

I'm finding this a tad sad because Mello has Kira, L, and Matt behind him in the house. Near arrives. Mello asking him who invited him and my twisted mind translate that to "Who killed Near? I'm now gonna cry in a corner