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Since some people doesn't understand why kpop fans likes kpop, here's a brief explanation why we like kpop.

A 5 year age difference is nothing to me when it comes to my kpop loves. Yeah I'm a teen and they're but once I see them in all of their perfection, I crush on them.) actually, crush is hardly a word to describe my feels

Yes Yes Yes, lets do this!!

Seriously, I would have a rainbow on my arm. Then there is the groups not mentioned. Just this giant red spot with black writing.

DDude I die laughing


Well usually I am laughing so hard and my friends laugh either or they are mad (for fun) to me


kekeke this is totally true~ i share my bias with everyone and i know how they pheel~ kekeke

This really is true. K-Pop idols are not air-heads or spoiled brats.  They work their butts off to get where they are.  I wish people would remember that before they comment on a genre about which they know nothing

one of the many thing that i love about kpop is how hard the artists work. yet, people dismiss kpop as being a weird group of untalented asians trying to copy other singers.

seriously though I think my family is starting to question my sexual orientation with the constant "are you sure that's a boy"

This is what my mum said to me nearly everyday when I first got into kpop but now she's just given up on me.<<<lmao mum just said they looked like the people I drew

Kpop to me

My kpop feels it never fails to make me smile even at my worst states

DRAMA CLUB: You Are All Surrounded Episodes 9 (2/2)

DRAMA CLUB: You Are All Surrounded Episodes 9 (2/2)

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This community is dedicated to our favorite golden maknae, Jungkook!