Mantua  Place of origin: England, Great Britain (probably, made)  Date: 1740-1745 (made)  Materials and Techniques: Embroidered silk with coloured silk and silver thread  Museum number: T.260&A-1969 "Seven panels of ivory-ribbed silk make up the petticoat. The robings, sleeve cuffs and skirt of the mantua are embroidered in the same design, but were modified to fit their exact proportions."


Mantua England, Embroidered silk w coloured silk, silver thread "Seven panels of ivory-ribbed silk make up the petticoat. Robings, sleeve cuffs and skirt embroidered in the same design

Outstanding Embroidery Artistry on a House of Myrbor Cape. French, c. 1925.

Evening cape Design House: Myrbor (French, Textile attributed Sarah Lipska (Polish, Date: ca. 1925 Silk, metal ***A great look of Art Deco period ***

vintage lace

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Vintage lace This looks like bobbin lace. It looks so complicated.just imagine the brain power it took to make it! Amazing Wonderful pins here.