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Gift presents for women: Sunflower bag, free crochet patterns


Irish crochet, realmente exquisito.

Irish crochet Pinned for inspiration and nostalgia. My grandmother was a master at this form of crochet!

russian rhapsody 8  http://easycrochet.canalblog.com/

Russian rhapsody 8 freeform crochet by Sophie Gelfi. Tutorial in French.

Mind. Exploding. #IrishLace #crochet Motifs I've never seen before. <3

Patterns are not Free but Irish Crochet Lab is a place where you will find information, needed to learn Irish Crochet Lace. ​ Free lessons that teach you basics of crochet also will prepare you for more advanced lessons in Irish Lace

Puntadas crochet note this is 41 pages, it opens a link directly to the document, and it starts downloading.

Crochet Lace - booklet in the public domain from Madame Hardouin from the Antique Pattern Library: