1920s police mugshot

Herbert Ellis circa Ellis is found in numerous police records of the and He is variously listed as a housebreaker, a shop breaker, a safe breaker, a receiver and a suspected person.

Ed van der Elsken (1925–1990) … Paris … c. 1952 …

Vali Myers dancing w friend. From Love on the Left Bank by Ed van der Elsken.

BRASSAÏ :: Staircase in the Rue Rollin, 1934  [Paris de Nuit]

"Staircase in the Rue Rollin" - Paris - 1934 - photographer Brassai (Gyula Halasz).

“Vali Myers With Cigarette, Paris” (1953). Credit Ed van der Elsken/Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Nederlands Fotomuseum

The Intimate Lens of Ed van der Elsken